Hello, I'm Piper!


I'm really stinkin' glad you're here.

Ultimately, I'm here to serve you— to document your most precious moments in life. It is in my heart to serve, and to love others, and photography allows me to do just that. It's so rewarding to preserve moments in time for the precious souls I have the honor of creating with.

This is the part where I share a little bit about me, to hopefully get to know you ↓

a little about me

I'm an enneagram 4w5 (if you know you know) and a cold-weathered girl at heart. I love cozying up at a local coffee shop and sharing intentional conversation with sweet friends— even though I probably won't order any coffee. I love hikes, and really anything outdoors so you know I'm always down for an adventure! I feel the emotions of others deeply, so getting to know the heart of others is something that I don't take lightly. I'm a feeler, a creator, and I'm simply just here to serve and love you.

Why I do what I do

How did I get into photography? It all started in high school with a little camera, and some friends. I never really had the intentions of becoming a photographer, and honestly just got a camera for some bomb instagram photos. One thing led to another, and I found out I was pretty good at the whole photography thing, and quickly found that was where my heart was! I then graduated high school, and went to Liberty University to study visual art education. It wasn't until after my freshman year I really felt the Lord calling me away from college to pursue my business full time. After having a camera in my hand for about five years, I've been doing photography professionally for about two years now, and I truly couldn't see myself anywhere else.

Created to Create

I would not be anywhere near where I am today if it were not for the steadfast love, grace, and mercy of God. Truly, every ounce of talent or success ultimately comes from Him. If there is one thing that you take away from this reading this section of my site, it's that you walk away knowing that you are so loved by Jesus. Rest in knowing that you are loved, known, and seen by the Creator of the universe, and he wants your heart.